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Hitonomori. Co., Ltd. offers consulting services for implementing agencies of development assistance to developing countries. Our consulting areas are;

1) participatory development and rural development,
2) social forestry and participatory natural resource management,
3) development project management,
4) management of small-to-medium-sized enterprises,
5) marketing, e-marketing.

We can also arrange and offer training courses, workshops and lectures in these and related fields in English and Japanese.

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Noda Naoto
International Development Consultant, Internet Marketing Consultant

Consulting Areas:

  1. Participatory development
  2. Social Forestry
  3. Rural economy promotion
  4. PRODEFI model (intensive training dissemination method)
  5. Business promotion (e.g. Fair Trade, Online shop operation/Internet Marketing, fair trade)

A pioneer practitioner of Participatory Development in Japanese aid agencies.

BSC (Mie University, Japan), Master of Forest Science(Melbourne University, Australia)

Initially worked as a volunteer forester (Japan Overseas Cooperation Volunteer) in Honduras and Nepal. Then served as JICA expert in Peru, Bolivia, Kenya, Tanzania, Senegal, Myanmar etc., currently in Madagascar.

He started his career as a forester, but later his domain of expertise shifted towards human beings. Thus, the areas of his specialization now extend to Participatory Development, Project and Organization Management, as his field experiences told that local residents are the actual players, and that management skills to integrate these human aspects are indeed essential for the success of the community development.

Established Hitonomori Co., Ltd in 2003.
Lecturer of an e-learning Postgraduate course at Nihon Fukushi University (since 2003 onwards).

He is also well known in internet marketing field.

Saeko Noda_Nakabayashi
International Development Consultant, Registered Management Consultant

Consulting areas:

  1. Business management for small-medium sized enterprises (SME) (start-up support, Financing, Corporate strategies, Marketing,Internet Marketing, Human Resource Management)
  2. SME promotion
  3. Local industry promotion
  4. Project Management
  5. BOP business generation

Profile :

MA in Development Studies (Public Policy and Management),
Institute of Social Studies, The Hague, the Netherlands,
BA in International Christian University, Tokyo.

Worked as an Associate Portfolio Manager, Montreal Protocol Unit, Div. for Environment, United Nations Office for Project Services (UNOPS, NY), in charge of investment type of projects for Nigeria, Kenya, and regional projects in Africa. (2001-2003)

Research assistant, JICA-Vietnam Project Office for promotion of market-oriented economic reform
. (2000)

Project manager, Cultural Grant Aid section, Japan International Cooperation System (JICS)

Countries of research visit :
Bangladesh, Sri Lanka, Thailand, Cambodia, India, Malaysia, Vietnam, Tunisia, and Nigeria, Malawi

“CSR in EU, UK, Denmark, the Netherlands, US, Japan”
“Business diagnosis for SMEs in Japan employing non-Japanese” (2010, Association of Registered Management Consultant)

“You can be a social entrepreneur! ” A member of writing/research team
ISBN: 4905194334 (Toyama Shobo 2012)
  • Robert Chambers 'Ideas for Development' Translated Chapter 1-3.
  • Working Paper NO.319
    The Japanese Version of Project Cycle Management: Adoption, Adaptation and Application of ZOPP –. A comparative analysis of methods and methodologies”
    published as ISS working paper (August 2000)


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