International Development Cooperation Consulting: Projects and Research Missions Involved .
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Consulting: Projects and Research Missions Involved

Hitonomori. Co., Ltd. offered consulting services on the following projects.

Year Projects and Consulting services provided Country Clients
2012- Onwards

Project PRODAIRE "Developed de l’ Approche
Integree pour promouvoir la Restauration Environnementale
et le Developpement Rural a Morarano Chrome" Advisors on Participatory Community Development/ Soil Conservation Forestry (5 months in FY2012)

Madagascar IC-net (JICA)

"Catu Traditional Handicraft Assistance Project" Evaluation officer and adviser of local product promotion.

Viet Nam FIDR:Foundation for International Development /Relief


"Strengthening the Capacity of OVOP Programme for Delivering Services to OVOP Activities in Malawi"

Detailed Design mission member (Researched BDS providers on local product promotions. Advised local business development)



(Japan International Cooperation Agency


"The project for Community Vitalization and Afforestation in Middle Shire (COVAMS)"

Project formulation, monitoring, advisory services on social forestry, rural industry promotion


(Japan International Cooperation Agency)

The followings are other projects involved prior to the establishment of the company (Involvement as an independent consultant)

  • Project for an Integrated Village Forestry Development in Kilimanjaro region (Tanzania) (4 years from 1996). Chief adviser.
  • PRODEFI "Programme de developpement des filieres (Project for an Integrated ViIllage Forestry Development Plan" (Senegal, 3 years from 2001). Chief advisor.







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