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Our Commitments

Our company, Hitonomori Co., Ltd. is dedicated and committed:

1) To attain the world without poverty, through the integration of business and international cooperation;
2) To attain the world without discrimination, through respecting differences of each person and culture; and
3) To share a part of our business profit with the society.

Meanings embedded in "Hitonomori"

The word "Hitonomori" means "forest of the people" in Japanese.

The image of 'hitonomori' signifies a dense forest, in which the unique talents of each person can grow like individual plants, and at the same time, they share spaces and interact with others to form a stable ecosystem. The forest provides a rich fauna and flora embracing sustainable ecology and bio-diversity backed up by mutual and complex linkages of unique but diverse natural livings.

In fact the existence of the forest itself gives significant meanings to human beings.
So, the name Hitonomori has another implication that we should protect this irreplaceable environment.

Hitonomori Co., Ltd., therefore, will grow itself to make this "forest of the people" come true.

Our services

Our company is serving utmost values to the society in the following three major fields.

1) Consulting and training services, leading to international cooperation
This includes consulting/research, and training service provisions to donor agencies such as JICA (Japan International Cooperation Agency), or any other non-governmental organizations serving for international development in developing countries.

2) Consulting and training services for globalizing enterprises
This includes consulting/research, and training service provisions to globalizing enterprises based in Japan. We design curriculums and develop learning contents, and send experts for training. Also we do provide consulting services for human resource management, and global talent development based on the needs of globalizing enterprises.

3) Community business generations for revitalizing local area

Our company's recent effort has been given to revitalize Ichinomiya city in Aichi prefecture, Japan, a local town where our office is based. Currently our company is running citizen's college called "Ichinomiya University" where citizens in Ichinomiya can take a part of lecturers, students, network-linker, and value creators. These learning and linking opportunities is to visualize the invisible assets like human resources and spaces in Ichinomiya city for revitalizing the local economy.


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