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I've been working for long in the field of the capacity building of the people in developing countries.

As a profession, I've been, so called, a "Development Field Worker" who dedicates his/her life in working with people at the grass-root level of the developing countries. However, my experiences taught me that there is something that connects "development" concept with me as a person. That is, by sharing the wealth, the wealth transmits to other people.

What does it mean"wealth"? How can we share? The answer depends upon each person. What I can do, however, is to create opportunities and share them among people.

Our company has no fixed managerial plans, neither managerial objectives. Our company takes up tasks that each one can do with his/her available time and capacity for our businesses. We do not recruit people to attain our company's pre-determined objectives, but we see what each one can do and think about suitable business opportunity for them.

Many people, including housewives, are looking for opportunities. Each aspiration seems to be small. However, we can grow them enough to become a sustainable business by accumulating these small opportunities and by linking them to a society.

The "wealth" comes along with "responsibility". The strong recognition of this notion, and sharing of the "wealth" with others, are, in true sense, needed in our society. Only can these bring us a chain reaction of wealth transfer in our society.

Naoto Noda
President, Hitonomori Co., Ltd.


You may be surprised to find a wide range of our business scopes; from consultation, training, and even up to internet marketing and real estate rental.

However, our company has a clearly defined and well-focused philosophy.

Our company is to pursue for the attainment of a world without poverty, by integrating "business" and "international cooperation".

Unlike farmers of industrial agriculture in developed counties, small scaled farmers in developing countries (most of them are women by the way) derive a livelihood from what is called, CDR - Complex, Diverse and Risk-prone agriculture. CDR farmers often seek to reduce risk and increase food and income by complicating and diversifying in their farming systems, intensifying labor use, and maximizing management.

Our company, though it is small, has started with two wheels of "husband and wife". We learn from the strategies of CDR farmers, and opt for growing strategies with complex and diversified income sources such as consulting, training, and internet marketing etc.

As we are "Hitonomori - a forest of the people", we may run as many businesses as the number of people gathered in our forest. Everything starts from "People", thus, not from a fixed business domain.

Our company tries to gain fair profits out of this new business model, while contributing to human resource development in the field of international cooperation. As a result, by fostering "Hitonomori - a forest of the people", we wish to make a difference to create a new world suitable for the 21st century.

Saeko Noda
Executive Director, Hitonomori Co., Ltd.


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