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Training Program/Syllabus, Training Material Samples

As sample, please refer to below training materials and lecture syllabus (partly extracted). The documents (PDF format) were used in the past lectures and may have been updated for on-going lectures.


Training Session Title
Its content descriptions

Training Material Samples (You can download a PDF format) Language Session Duration
Participatory Development Essentials of Participatory Approach Textbook sample (PDF format, partly extracted version) English 1 day to 3 days
Introduction to Participatory Rural Appraisal (PRA) Textbook sample (PDF format, partly extracted version) English 2 to 3 days



Business Administration

Product Marketing Workshop for the Promotion of Agricultural Produce

To acquire basic theories on marketing strategies. (Participatory workshop). The participants are to plan marketing strategies of agricultural produce and/or agricultural processed food in the context of developing countries.

Session Syllabus(PDF format) English

1.5 ∼


Product and Area Branding Strategies

For a basic understanding of product branding, and area branding to promote local economy

Session Syllabus (PDF format) English 0.5 ∼ 1 Day

Basic Knowledge for Business Operations to Support Small and Medium-sized Enterprises

Course syllabus for a basic knowledge cuisine on key concepts required for business operation. Expected trainees are those who are responsible for business promotion., but currently without academic background on business management, (

Session Syllabus (PDF format) English 1 -2 days

Risk Management (Participatory Workshop)

The project cannot always bring successful outcomes as planned. Why? This course covers the contents of risk control- risk identification, prioritization, and risk control management

Session Syllabus (PDF format) English At least 3.5 hours ∼ 1Day

Evolution of Farmer's Market:Experiences in Japan

History, meanings, categories of farmer's market in Japan. It covers illustration of Innovative cases.

Session Syllabus (PDF format) English 0.5 Day
Project Management

Project Management and Organizational Management

The program was designed for NGO local staff to gain essence of project and organizational management.

The course syllabus (PDF format) English 3 days


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